Julian Vogel


Julian Vogel, born in 1980, is an artist, designer and illustrator, currently living and working in Nuremberg, Germany. His educational path took him from an apprenticeship as a carpenter via renowned New York art schools to a diploma in Communication Design. Julian’s background is graffiti and street art. An active part of the scene from the age of 16, he soon got commissioned for his work, was able to refine his technique and develop his own distinctive style. He detached himself from letter graffiti at an early stage and got increasingly engaged with characters, graphic elements, 3D pictures and surrealistic constructions.

In 2008 Julian established the creative agency ‘LINEO’ for the realization of exceptional art and design projects in Nuremberg. Besides his agency work, painting on commission and several exhibitions, he often attaches himself to big graffiti projects and events.

During one of his numerous travels abroad Julian was inspired to create a global concept combined with graffiti. He painted his first ‘World Peace Wall’ on the walls of an old Hussein Palace in the North of Iraq with the collaboration of local artists and kids. Great critical and local acclaim motivated him to pursue the concept further and he has painted ten walls since.

Painting his ‘World Peace Walls’ Julian attaches great importance to collaborating with locals, particularly with children and young people to show new perspectives and give them the motivation to realize their own vision. This has also inspired several workshops with kids and refugees in Germany.

Julian has been recently selected as the main artist participating in the renowned Cultural Festival in Nuremberg, ‘Blaue Nacht’ 2013.